Acupuncture is the Alternative

Karen Vaughn has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture all over the world. Come visit her at The Acupuncture Alternative for the best traditional acupuncture Wilmington N.C. has to offer.


Renee Otero - Wilmington, NC
"After three treatments with Karen and following her nutritional recommendations, I have happily lost 35lbs. and am no longer considered to be "insulin resistant." Following each treatment I noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and ability to focus. Did I mention the fabulous teas? I faithfully drink my Karen - prescribed green tea each morning."

Karin Cook - Wilmington, NC
"Over the last ten years, Karen has helped me through menopause, headaches, allergies, depression, anxiety, or whatever my ailment may be. When I need help, acupuncture is my first choice of treatment and it works. At Karen's recommendation, Robert has kept my back in shape, in spite of my job and my failure to acknowledge my age and limitations.


Kathy Meyer
"I have known Karen for at least 10 years and have had awesome results for multiple problems - from joint stiffness, arthritis, tennis elbow, back aches from yard work and cello practicing, sinus relief, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, etc. She even helped my daughter on her senior project after successfully helping my daughter with the CRAZY HICCUPS! I am also a big believer in a regular MAINTENANCE. I count Karen both as a medical advisor for nutrition & energy as well as a friend and healer.

Thank you for all you do for the Wounded Marines as well! The Marines at Camp LeJeune are blessed!"

Sgt. Dennis Ndaanee USMC
"I have known Karen forever and I got all kinds of problems from my injuries sustained from an explosion in Iraq. And I was on tons of medication before I met Karen. Since I have been getting treatment from Karen it has helped me cut down on my medication and I feel great after every treatment from the acupuncture treatment. And also from Robert, he hooks my back and ankle up!! He's the man. Thanks guys

You are the best!!"

Sgt. Lara Gleidson USMC
"My first treatment experience was new and amazing both acupuncture and the chiropractic part. Both were very unique in their own way Over all reduced my headache with the acupuncture and released a lot of tension in my lower back and shoulder with the chiropractic part.

Thank you Karen and Robert"

To the point
" Construction worker all my life. Friend told me to visit this place. I doubted it would work but gave it a shot because I was sick of being in back pain everyday.

I don't know why, but this place works. I should be on television. These people should charge a thousand per session, but they don't. It's moderately priced and cures the pain. Amazing!"

December 2012

"Acupuncture is not only an alternative, in many cases it is the answer: for swelling in the legs from too much sugar, for pain anywhere from too much work, for compulsive behaviors like overeating, for the peace of renewal after a loved one has passed away, for allergies to good foods like apples and pears! For relaxation and better breathing with the stress from family troubles or just a hard deadline at work, for balancing after the antibiotics necessary during surgeries. I take deeper breaths from the moment I walk through this door. Thank you Karen for being the healer that your are."

Donald Sullivan
January 2013

"A few years back I injured my left shoulder twice. MRI showed a separated tendon. Surgery of course was recommended by the orthopedist. After a time, and by the grace of God, I found Karen Vaughn. I had decided to treat my very painful shoulder injury with rubber bands and stretch therapy. Unfortunately I couldn't lift my left arm due to the pain. After the first time I came to see Karen, her acupuncture treatment released the bubbles in my shoulder so I could move it. After about 4 months of visits to Karen and daily stretch therapy, I had full range of motion in my left shoulder. The orthopod had told me that after surgery and two years of therapy, I would be able to raise my arm only to horizontal. And he supported that would be a success. So much for allopathic 'healing'. Thank God for Karen Vaughn."